Registration for the ThanksGiving Challenge is simple and easy!

Around the Table is powered by peer to peer fundraising platform.  All donations are tax deductible.


How to Register

  1. Click on the “Register Online” button above.  You will be redirected to
  2. Choose your registration option – Team or Individual (we recommend you register your party, gathering or dinner as an Individual)
    1. Register as a Team if you have friends and guests who are going to join your Thanksgiving dinner/party “team” to help you fundraise.  The “Team” option will allow you and yours guests create individual fundraising pages.
    2. Register an Individual to create a personal fundraising page for your dinner or party.
      1. During the registration process you will be asked to give your personal fundraising page a name – this is the name of your dinner party (for instance, “Jane Doe’s Thanksgiving Extravaganza”).
      2. You will also be asked if you are fundraising in honour or in memory of someone.  Please fill in the text box with the person’s name so we can recognize this.
      3. You’ll be prompted to add a photo and personal message to your guests (optional).
      4. Once you’re registered you will have a direct URL (link) to your dinner/party page.  You can send this link to your guests or share on social media to collect donations.
  3. Your fundraising page also allows you to add offline (cash or cheque) donations to your page.
  4. Tax receipts for online donations will be issued by (on behalf of the charity).  All cash and cheques submitted to the charity will be receipted by Local Food for Local Good, which will share the funds with Green Wood Coalition.
  5. If you have any questions about registering your dinner, gathering or party email